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Paraíso en la Patagonia

90,000 m2 of nature in its purest form


Villa Labrador is located on the old and winding road to Villa Llao Llao on the shores of Lake Moreno.

In the last century it was an agricultural lot, belonging to families of European settlers who were dedicated to the exploitation of wood, agriculture and livestock, where a large house built with wood and local stones was used as a stable.

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A dream

At the end of 1997, the dream of creating a vacation place with unique characteristics began, mountain cabins overlooking the lake within a forest made up of different species of araucarias, sequoias, poplars, cypresses, ñires, lengas and coihues.
For 20 uninterrupted years we worked to make this dream that is today Villa Labrador come true, providing the best of us in every detail, keeping the spirit alive with passion and will, and creating a unique and unmatched experience for each visitor.


Our complex is on the shores of Lake Moreno, and, due to its location, it gives us a beautiful view of Cerros Goye, López, Capilla and Catedral.
You will be able to enjoy 4 totally different experiences, depending on the season of the year:

Insummer Lake Moreno can be enjoyed in all its magnitude, for its beautiful beaches and for its crystal-clear water characteristics, which are ideal for swimming, water sports and sport fishing.
Inwinter, snow is the main host, where the entire majestic landscape is dressed in white.
Inautumn, with a magical ocher and golden landscape, straight out of a fairy tale, you can enjoy the best gourmet experiences and get to know the surrounding neighborhoods.
Inspring, is when everything becomes colorful and perfumed; ideal time for outdoor sports and being in contact with nature.

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Services & Characteristics

Villa Labrador
  • Daily breakfast served in the cabins: croissants, seed bread / chipá / criollitos, dulce de leche, individual spreadable cream cheese and infusion sachets.

  • First batch of firewood (for homes or grill).

  • Whitewashing.

  • Housekeeping.

  • Private grill.

  • Parking lot. discovered next to each cabin.

  • Places for children (hammocks, wooden house, slide, seesaw).

  • Boat mooring (chain and buoy, reserved in advance.

  • Soccer field.

  • Ecological pathway.

  • Heated pool (December to March).

  • Direct access to the beach.

  • Lake coast.

  • Wifi.

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